Less is More: la Vie à la Campagne

One of four, M. LaRoche still resides in the same house his father was born in. Here, he and his wife bore their SIX children and continue to live a life “around the way”. Nearly completely self-sustained, the family works, eats and lives off the fertile French country-side. Getting out of the hustle and bustle of the city was an experience I will never forget…

My meals in Le Breuil did nothing less than spoil me for the rest of my life. The freshest ingredients I have ever tasted; mostly all my food was either slaughtered or picked earlier that day. 

My first meal started with a glass of whisky and a soup made from only fresh legumes and light seasonings; stole my heart. A traditional Quiche Lorraine with a delicious salad from the garden would follow. Heavy apéritifs (short drinks) and cheese would accompany me my whole stay. I swear we drank like fish for four days… Oh but don’t let me forget the home-made apple tart for dessert! BRRRRRP

While I was not able to bring the Cali. sunshine along with me, the gloomy weather posed for a great photo op…


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