…And the Gas Strike Continues

I’m not sure how much coverage is being offered in the States at the moment, but things are pretty hectic out here. Federal council is trying to pass a bill in all French territories that would force union workers to retire at 62 rather than 60. This would in effect boost economy and lessen the social security deficit; possibly being beneficial in the long run. However, many men and women who have worked so hard their whole lives and are expecting to retire this year are outraged. They explain how this bill only benefits the wealthy politicians who are still allowed to retire at just 50 years of age. The bill would delay pensions for another few years as well, giving the government more time to “rebuild during this recession”. The whole country is divided over the issue and everyone is really being affected. Some cities like Lyon have even recently been experiencing bloody riots and protests. Due to a shortage of fuel and workers, you find many empty gas stations and stationary trains with working-class people waiting for hours twiddling their thumbs…*…the line continues for another few miles or so*

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One Response to …And the Gas Strike Continues

  1. Always the same everywhere. Here too. I remember the gas lines here and talk about special privileges to politicians and more money to the wealthy, well we’ve learned.
    I guess the message is get rich and powerful otherwise get in the loooong lines.

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