Enjoying The Finer Things in Life…

I must say my time in Corsica was WELL spent. Beautiful island, relaxing beaches, great wine and one could definitely say that I ate like no less than a “paşa” himself.

My morning spread…

Authentic Mediterranean-style cooking by my cousin Claudine; une vraie culinaire.*simple caprese salad with fresh cracked black pepper, olive oil, and lemon juice*

*classical Corsican soupe aux pâtes with ham hock and potatoes; délicieux!*

*pie-crust pizza; fresh Romas, Emmental and simple seasoning… WOW*

Corsica had so much to offer…

…And don’t even get me started on the restaurants I was taken to…*paper or plastic?*

*amazing baby octopus quickly pan-fried in olive oil, parsley and lemon; served with some fresh salad and a roasted cherry tomato, to start*

*tender pork confit; served with roasted rosemary potatoes, garlic and shallots; almost didn’t have room for dessert!*


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One Response to Enjoying The Finer Things in Life…

  1. Terrific pictures! Man oh man I missed the feasts…

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