An island paradise in the middle of the Mediterranean; located just west of Italy and a bit southeast of France. The birthplace of Napoleon Bonaparte, this fertile land is as rich with heritage as it is culture. True Corsicans still inhabit the land and make up for most of the workforce; holding on to strong nationalist pride. Influences from both its neighbors and historic colonization by countless groups have now made the island a sought after vacation point for the most wealthiest and renown people in the world.

This week I got to spend a little time with my cousins Vic and Claudine. Aside from her being a fabulous cook and he both a gentleman and a scholar, I was given a little taste of how they live. An amazing place, I could definitely see myself comfortably retiring here…*in Bonifacio, these houses are actually built right up on the lip of the cliffs. As deterioration over time takes place, who knows how long this splendor will last.*

We were blessed with great weather and got to take my cousin’s boat out for the day… MAN! Dill, if you’re reading this, we’ve gotta get one of these… and SOON!*could surely get used to this*

*full flush?? or half flush??*


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One Response to CORSiCA!

  1. Sidonie Goldman says:

    totally sold it to me!!! want to go back now…….

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