Having never been to this exceptional city before, I had NO IDEA what to expect. Also, meeting new family members only added to the mystery. I was delighted to not only discover a great town but an awesome group of relatives. My cousins opened their door to me as if we were tight for the past 22 years. For that I dedicate this blog to the Braha family. Thanks again folks!

Switzerland is divided into three main regions; French, German and Italian. Located right near the French/Swiss border, the city of Geneva has a lot of influence from it’s neighbor. While all children are required to learn some German as that is the dominant region in the country, French is just as prevalent here. That works for me because you all know how much I love some French food!This restaurants title; “Le Relais de L’Entrecôte” refers to an olden-days stop for this particular cut of beef. The unique concept only offers a few variations of their renowned steak and fries. A delightful splash of green peppercorn sauce covers your protein accompanied by a heap of crispy frites. Just as you think you have conquered the buttery delight and half your bottle of wine, a woman dressed in old fashioned attire comes around and your plate is magically replenished! A must to visit; other locations in Paris as well… But don’t forget your pocket book $$$!

Extending my stay a few days to catch an easier flight, I decided to show my family a little appreciation and make dinner on Friday night. Anticipation for Italy, I prepared some simple Bruschetta, Caesar salad, a Chicken Cacciatore and some colorful fruit salad to finish.…Hoping they enjoyed…

My last day it was as if the heavens opened up for my departure. The clearest and warmest day of my stay; I got to see the open market, eat a great lunch in the backyard and still had time to make my flight to Amsterdam! Almost a perfect day, but I had to leave my skateboard behind… D*MN EASY JET!!!!


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