The first thing that comes to mind when someone mentions Amsterdam is probably smokey coffee shops and young students partying everywhere. This is a very good inclination! However, the beautiful city, with its vast canals beholds a bit more than that. Not the culinary capital of the world, but I did manage to eat pretty well during my week-long stay. Rich in artistic culture and Bohemian vibes, I found close ties to my home by the beach in L.A. In any case, I was surprised to see that not all my preconceived notions were accurate.
*by CHASE… Venice 2 Amsterdam*

While Dutch culture is vastly different from ours in the States, they seem to have quite a bit of appreciation for their tourism. Tourists from all walks of life probably account for one of, if not their main aspect of commerce.
*Giant pancakes and omelets, and who doesn’t like “cheese” and “bread” haha BROODS!*

I was fortunate enough to be out here at the same time as one of my old favorite groups had a performance. Jedi Mind Tricks rocked the house! I was surprised to see all the Dutch singing along and getting it like we get it! Definitely twenty bucks well spent!

The city itself was really cool; beautiful architecture, active night life and they are most proud of being the home to MY favorite beer Heineken… You know I was happy!

*the red-light district is definitely a strange site to see; lines of glazed-eyed guys looking for a “lil’ somethin’ somethin'”. Glad I had a female companion or I would have felt pretty sleazy.*

*the Heineken store had a larger variety than I even knew existed!*

All good things come to an end and before I knew it was time to pack my bags and catch my 5 am train to the airport… Was fortunate to catch a quick “American Breakfast” and it was on to the next city!… Life is beautiful.


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