Nestled on the cliffs of the Umbrian countryside is a town wayyy off the beaten path… Orvieto. I took the hour and fifteen minute train-ride from Rome to visit a friend of mine from culinary school who was studying abroad. An invitation to a good ol’ home-cooked Thanksgiving dinner could not be passed up. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE me some pasta, but a little taste of home was well worth the journey. Big thanks to all the staff at Zeppelin Restaurante and all the students from the Ai’s across the States; really made me feel welcome.*A little trolley pulled up the cliff is the simplest and most efficient to make your way up to the historic part of the city.**Small cobblestone streets line the little town. Strange to think that not TOO long ago, horses with carriages were trotting down the very same roads.*

Chef Lorenzo Polegri’s ‘Ristaurante Zeppelin’ is world-renowned for its authentic Italian cuisine with a new-world twist. In his “spare” time he runs an international cooking school for students to come and study abroad; interning at the various restaurants and pubs nearby. The Thanksgiving spread that the students came up with when I was there was AMAZING.*A small herb garden in the back of the restaurant offers the freshest of ingredients*

Great food and good times could be found in all the little pubs and eateries around town…*Beef carpaccio; raw meat with light seasoning and olive oil… DRRRRRP*

The Duomo of Orvietto is massive; you have to stop in your tracks and just observe. *The historic church is a really ghostly sight at night.*

The students took a field trip to a winery the next day and were gracious enough to include me in the activities. Castello delle Regine is located in the hills of Umbria about 45 minute drive from Orvieto. Owned by Italian royalty, the winery produces, bottles and distributes all from this single location. On the same grounds is the owners’ complex equipped with 22 rooms, 10 bathrooms, an indoor swimming pool, one outdoor, and 2 helipads! While I may have forgotten how many courses were served exactly, it was a meal that I will remember for some time to come.*More carpaccio served with juniper berries and their house extra virgin**Home-made tortelloni filled with prosciutto, tossed in pesto with a bit more parmesan to finish.**The meat dish was perfectly cooked; served with a unique tasting sautéed cabbage and a simple grilled gold. Fleur de sal to finish.**I almost didn’t have room for dessert… until I saw my plate… Cafe semifreddo on cocoa powder and creme anglaise, finished with a dark chocolate brush stroke. WOW**Much thanks again all around; the whole staff and students of the program, and Livia, Giuseppe and all the people at Castello delle Regine… really made my experience a memorable one.*


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3 Responses to Orvieto

  1. I particularly liked this posting and got a vibrant feel for Orvieto. Seems like a neat visit. Reminded me of the Italy I remember from my visits. The food looked delicious and the pictures seemed to capture its flavors and presentation. Next best to being there with you.
    Ah Italia! Molte bene mi paesano!!

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