Fast Food

Street foods or “fast foods” reveal a lot about the culture through which you travel. For one, you get a bit of taste for the kind of food and proportions common folk eat. On the other hand, you get a sense of the working-class population; this is generally going to be the ones serving you. A fusion of what the indigenous people prefer,  tied into the culture of cheap-labor… and you have lunch!*In Rome, Kebab shops can be found as prevalently as pizza stops, in many cases even being served side by side. A direct influence from the Roman Empire’s expansion through the Middle East, and an influx of migrant workers have made this food the “Burrito” of Europe. A wrap consisting of assorted fresh vegetables, slowly cooked Shwarma meat, yogurt sauce and picante… but I like to add some fries to mine from time to time. I personally consume a few a week, as they are the only thing that comes close to my beloved Mexican food…**Panini is also a very common snack “on-the-go” in Rome… A variety of meats and cheeses to choose from; usually plain or with some tomato or arugula. You can also request “caldi” where they press your sandwich and serve you a melted delight. Not many drinking restrictions allows one to enjoy a nice cold beer with their lunch… when in Rome!…**Pizza is served a bit differently here. While there still exists the version most of us in the States are accustomed to, “quick” pizza is served from a large sheet; cut into squares and then weighed and priced accordingly. Amazing toppings however; I enjoyed a piece of mixed vegetable and a prosciutto with mushrooms… Soda on the side, all for about 5 euros.**The Porchetta (pork-etta) in Orvieto was “melt-in-your mouth” amazing. An herb-seasoned pork, slowly cooked and served on a brioche at the local open-market. No dressings necessary to this buttery delicacy.**A purely Gruyère and butter-filled sandwich in Geneva… while the baguette was delicious, this was probably the worst thing I have eaten on my travels.**A small Vietnamese stand at an open-market in Amsterdam offered the best egg roll-type item I have ever tasted. Seasoned meat, vegetables and a sweet chili sauce to finish… I love to eat!*


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  2. Babygirl says:

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  6. Dee says:

    I went to Rome about a year ago and fell in love with their kebabs what’s sad is that coming back to the US I can’t find anything like it. They say gyros are similar but if you’ve had kebabs you’ll know that Greek gyros are no where near the same!! Any ideas where I may be able to find any restaurants that sell kebabs? Or do I need to go back to Rome?

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