Rome pt. 2: Getting a Foot in the Door

Finding work in a city where food is as engrained in the culture as Caesar himself was not the easiest of tasks. For me to find a kitchen that will let an American guy handle delicate proteins and “al dente’s” has been nearly impossible. It’s not that there is no trust; well let’s be honest half the chefs in Rome could out-cook any five-star American in one sitting. From a young age, Romans are exposed to mama’s cooking. These authentic and difficult tastes will be harder for me than my Italian language lessons. Undeterred, I remain optimistic and confident that I will soon find work back again amongst the steam and the bustle of my beloved cucina.

In any case, bills must be paid and progress made. The first party I went to in Rome was organized by a group called Colosseum Events. Impressed with my good vibes, and a need to network wound me up with my first job in the magical city.

I am now a party promoter…*Having tons of fun and very little sleep, I have been able to meet some really interesting people from all walks of life. Rome is as huge of a melting pot as L.A., yet more of a nucleus for Europe.**Still Chingonito**Tomatoes and stracciatella topped with arugula and a special Italian chicory; Puntarelle… slightly bitter bite, with a sweet finish. Simply tossed with balsamic and extra-virgin.**Fresh tortelloni filled with prosciutto, topped with mushrooms in a light cream sauce.**Through thick and thin, I will continue to find my ultimate comfort in the kitchen.*

Settling into a new home has opened my mind to a completely different way of life. Though the holidays were a bit tough without my family, the knowledge of self I have gained in the past few months is exponential.*Metro line A: Ponte Lungo… my stop**Safety first!**New flavors for me.**First Christmas with no family.*


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2 Responses to Rome pt. 2: Getting a Foot in the Door

  1. LO says:

    Impressive! Next time you’ll have to cook for me

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