This New Year’s event was held at Marilyn Nightclub in Libetta Village; the nightclub district in Rome. Gathering over 150 guests to join the other 700 or so locals already there, I want to give big props to my whole Colosseum team; we really worked our asses off for this party! Long days and even longer nights really paid off. I was able to make nearly my whole rent in just one night… thank you Patrizio. Even though I was on staff for the night, I managed to have myself a little fun too… Just a bit šŸ˜‰*Running late to our own event!! This guy is amazing… Tak can speak about 7 different languages, FLUENTLY. The interesting part of this story was that getting on the subway to go to the party, he convinces 8 Americans to join us in the spur of the moment. Me, not speaking Italian very well at all, convinced 8 Italians at the same time to jump on the train with us… Funny how things turn out.*


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