Settling Into a New Life

Hey folks, internet complications have been a pain in the you know what… but I’m glad to say that I’m back in business. Sorry for the delay but a brief update should compensate. Well settling into a strange new world has been an adventure I will cherish for the rest of my life… Through good times and bad, I can confidently say that would I wouldn’t trade in my experiences at any price. I’m still cookin’, keeping tabs on urban artists and most importantly, simply doing what makes me happy. Though certain nights I miss my family and friends back home more than anything, achieving knowledge-of-self is a priceless virtue that no one can just give to you. I have fallen deep in love… her name is Roma.*Dryers are a luxury that I most certainly took for granted back in the States. The concept of waiting 24 hours to wear clean clothes would baffle a lot of my people back home and I find the change grounding. Even the most esteemed people in Europe still hang their clothes out to dry as it is known to be less damaging on the fabric.*

*Still creating; I like to eat new foods around town, as I have become friendly with a few folks working in traditional Roman restaurants. I take techniques and adapt them to my liking; for example, I have began making sauces for pasta with basic bases and then dropping an egg in at the very end. The finished product is a pink sauce; thick with flavor and perfectly coating my pasta. This particular dish is a simple medley of zucchini, mushrooms and pancetta sautéed with olive oil and garlic and then simmered in a marinara. I’ll drop the beaten egg in at the very end to finish and serve over some perfectly “al dente’d” bucatini or spaghetti. Italians are sticklers about the done-ness of their pastas and I am proud to be learning how to master the art.”*Simple Caprese on a bed of arugula… only difference is, I make it look good.*



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