My trip to Milan was an experience I’ll surely remember for the rest of my life… Accompanied by my colleague and good friend Tak, I took the 5 hour train ride to see my English squad Tottenham Hotspur take on the acclaimed AC Milan in the Champion’s League opener.*Milan is a beautiful city… far cleaner streets and crisper air than Roma. A must see when traveling through Italy.**L.A. artists in Italy?!.. WORLD DOMINATION!**All you can eat just before the big game and even bigger pre-gaming.**Bottoms Up**The pre-party at a local Irish pub lasted a good 24 hours before the match… Yido’s from all over the world filled the air with chants and festivities to support our Spurs.**The best part of my whole trip… WE WON!! 1-0 Tottenham! Unable to contain ourselves, Tak and I began to celebrate loudly… We also happened to be in the section consisting of ONLY Milan fans. The win in their home field caused quite bit of upset and we had to be escorted out of the stadium before any violence erupted. Ironically, I felt like the police escorts could have very well been Milan fans themselves HAHAHA.*

Time to celebrate all night, hop on a train in the morning and make it to work the next night… LA VITA DOLCE!


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