“Audere est Facere”… To Dare is To Do (a day in the life)

The latin phrase newly inscribed on my chest is not only a reminder of my time here in Rome, but a motto for life. I have always dove into adventure head first, greeting the challenge with a smile. Let me show you my life…*Still promoting… giving myself time out of the kitchen has been good for me. While my time here in Rome will surely not last forever, the break has given me time to re-evaluate the path I will follow upon my return back to L.A. Plus, who can say that their office is an actual wonder of the world?**At work with my beautiful co-workers… and Nemo… hahahaha.**Le ragazze Milanese.*

Flyering can leave you hungry… I think a nice lunch in the park is in order.

Oh shoot! It’s my boy’s birthday and Tottenham takes on our biggest rivals Arsenal in a few hours… Gotta make a quick dash through the city to meet friends at the bar.*This guy is amazing… album dropping end of summer :P*

I just want to take a second and give thanks to all the great people I’ve met on my travels. Positive, and even some negative influences has made adapting to another world much easier.*Well a draw is better than nothing… just wait til’ next time! In any case, happy birthday Tic-Tak, let’s do it big tonight!*

Ah, but I’m hungry again! Another dash home for some dinner and then it’s off to the party… AHEMMM!!… I mean work.*What? you thought you could keep me out the kitchen all together?? PUHHLEEEASE!**Fresh salmon fillet poached with white wine, tomatoes, onion, garlic and mushrooms. Served over spaghetti and garnished with a little basil. Along-side another Caprese
because you know how I do!**Just enough time to freshen up and get back to the Colosseum for the meeting time.**The office at night.**Allllllll aboard!!**The pre-intoxicated instructions on how to get home… no one ever remembers.*

All in all, life is good… no scratch that, life is REALLY good! I often feel some guilt for not fully pursuing my goals and aspirations in the profession I had back home. However, I am reminded by this blog that everything you do to grow as a human being is helpful in the long run. A path is beginning to form for me parallel to the lines I laid back home; a new passion for writing, travel and of course food. My tastes for different cuisines have evolved, my other languages blossomed, and overall knowledge of the world gained beyond belief. I am now able to relate with people of nearly all cultures. Do I regret leaving home on an adventure that will shape me for the rest of my life? Not in a million years.


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2 Responses to “Audere est Facere”… To Dare is To Do (a day in the life)

  1. red says:

    now I feel hungry. thank you Sparky

  2. Brian McAdam says:

    Looking good there, mang. I like the new ink.

    I’ve managed to get myself a top shelf restaurant gig here, only to find out it’s not really the bee’s knees. I’ve been thinking about new paths and such, and you’ve given me a bit more push to get moving with. So thanks for that.

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