Food 4 2hought…

Tragedy, plague and disasters around the world somehow always lose the timeless battle against hope. For as long as time has ticked, human beings have found natural mechanisms to deal with such drawbacks and hardships. All instruments are designed to keep us “truckin'” down that day-to-day path. Where we goin’? we don’t know! and quite frankly, we don’t REALLY give a damn as long as the road isn’t too bumpy…

Human nature has always fascinated me… Refugees fleeing their land in fear of their lives, posting news of the injustice on facebook, or the 20 orphans that huddle around an HD television set at night to watch family dramas and comic relief. Even I am a guilty contributor to this crazy ass-backward society that seems to cope with the creeps and ghouls by simply escaping their own thoughts…

It’s a big ass world out there people!… read, question, forget, hear it again, make your own opinion, write it down, lose it, ask about it, tell someone about it, search for it, strive for the truth, embrace the lie… whatever you do, don’t stop learning, cuz that’s the day that you die.


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