back to L.ife A.nd reality

Two suitcases, 14 hours of flying, a few teary tissues, Tapas during a Madrid layover/hangover, and I was heading back to L.A.A knot grew in the pit of my stomach when I saw the skyline that was once so familiar appear out of the jetting engine fumes like a relative who grew gray in the year and a half since you last embraced.

What did my future hold for me? Was this the end of allurement? Or simply the beginning of something sublime?

My half-full cup of tomato juice swayed me towards the latter. This was the next chapter yet to be written, and I longed to persevere through the pages.Immense support from a family structure that prides itself with honor, respect, diligence, and tenacity was as big of a backbone as I could ask for. The faces change, but people stay the same. With the exception of my brother, a lot of people from my past seem to be stuck in that “comfort zone” I denounced so passionately in the beginning of my travels. Across the spectrum, acceptance has been a big bite for me, and I am learning to appreciate every creature on this earth for their individual worth.Some had kids and flourished to the responsibility of another’s life, others withered to  the duty. Choices are defining moments, I see now how critical these small acts play out down the road of life.Pursuing some further education in a journalistic world, I reached out to an urban-based publication, the LA Weekly. Who would have thought that my promotional work in Rome would land me a job with one of the hippest prints in town?But with great opportunity comes equal responsibility. Trying to find a balance should be easy to a lucky Libra like me. But we all have our ups and downs.  And though my Lakers didn’t take the Championship this year, I’m still jubilant to be back in the land of milk and honey.Looking forward to new experiences, acquaintances, opportunities, and even the tribulations.Buon appetito!


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One Response to back to L.ife A.nd reality

  1. Welcome home bello. More great stuff on the way. Pleasure to read your homecoming tribute.

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