A departure from conventional behavior and thought. Constant growth can only be achieved by a small but perpetual dissatisfaction with one’s current position. Take it with a grain of salt, appreciate what you have, stay humble, but never stop striving for more. ImageAnd while grateful for all the support and opportunity I have received, I grow weary of getting too comfortable.ImageLife learned. A dismount and a bow. ImageAn opinionated judgement can only be studied. Criticism is welcomed with gratitude, but it is not always the solution.ImageWork is fun. You can’t win a championship without loving every second of the playoffs.ImageI’m a fuckin’ addict.


And while some may surpass you with lightening speed, other’s will clench your coattails in resentment. Inspiration can be found further than the dictionary.Image“Get up, stand up, get up, stand up. Kiss your sister and brother. Hug your mother and father. Take a breath from your lover.” – Wildcat! Wildcat! Image


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  1. Enjoy the introspective postings. Lots of food4thought. Cook on..

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